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Is it a Coin or is it an NFT? It is both!
The 1st Meme and the 1st PFP Project on ERC404
All You Need To Know About DeFrogs and ERC-404 Tokens
One of the pioneering ERC-404 projects, DeFrogs is both the first PFP ERC-404 project as well as the first ERC-404 meme coin.
DeFrogs, one of the earliest ERC-404 tokens
DeFrogs is one of the earliest ERC-404 tokens to launch. DeFrogs combines Meme culture with the latest ERC-404 narrative.

What ERC-404 can do

NFT Protocol Interoperability
Native Liquidity
ERC20 Protocol Interoperability
Non-Fungible Properties

How To Buy

Create a Wallet
Download MetaMask or your preferred wallet from the App Store or Google Play for free. Desktop users can get the Chrome extension at
Get some ETH
To switch to $DEFROGS, ensure you have ETH in your wallet. If you don’t, you can buy ETH directly on MetaMask, transfer from another wallet, or purchase on another exchange and send it to your wallet.
Go to Uniswap
Go to in Chrome or the MetaMask app. Connect your wallet, paste the $DEFROGS token address, select Pepe, and confirm. Sign the wallet signature when prompted by MetaMask.
Switch ETH for $DEFROGS
Switch ETH for $DEFROGS. With zero taxes so specific slippage isn't needed, but you may need slippage during market volatility.
The 1st Meme and the 1st PFP Project on ERC404


About DeFrogs
DeFrogs is done with the endless wave of low-quality dogcoin memecoins and shitty NFT art (-__-)
DeFrogs is here to elevate memecoins and NFTs! $DEFROGS launched stealth with no presale, zero taxes, and LP locked. A coin for the people, powered by meme magic. Let $DEFROGS guide you to valhalla!
No Promises, Just Memes & Art
DeFrogs isn't an investment, it's a meme coin with jpegs. Don't expect return, expect art, laughs and vibes.
Share memes, connect over love for frogs and enjoy the camraderie
Get DeFrogs
Join us for memes and community spirit. Let's vibe and meme together!
We are ready to answer your questions

Frequently asked questions.

1. What is DeFrogs?
DeFrogs is a meme coin and NFT project, a collection of 10,000 tokens on Ethereum.
2. How do i join DeFrogs?
Simply buy via Uniswap or OpenSea to join our community! Want to take a look around first or have some questions? Join us on Telegram!
3. What are ERC404 tokens?
ERC404 tokens are hybrid, semi-fungible tokens that combine ERC20 and ERC721 functions to enable native liquidity and fractionalization for NFTs. This experimental and open-source token standard is not yet officially recognized by the Ethereum Foundation.
4. Why use ERC404?
ERC404 enables two core innovations: native liquidity for NFTs and fractionalization without external protocols or "wrappers." This improves the user experience for NFT collectors and market participants, creating a new asset category called semi-fungible tokens (SFTs). What can ERC404 be used for?
5. Is ERC404 an official token standard?
ERC404 is named after the common "not found" error message, highlighting its experimental nature. Designed to combine ERC721 and ERC20 functions, it intentionally confuses many protocols and dApps at launch, making it clear as a new kind of token.
Development plans


Phase 1
Feb 6, 2024
Fair launch of the DeFrogs token, no presale!
Phase 2
Enjoy the memes, artwork and community
Phase 3
Become meme, destroyer of worlds.

Total Supply

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join us fren
No Taxes, No Bullshit. It’s that simple
 No taxes? Feels good man
No presale,
LP Locked,
no tax!

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DeFrogs Join our Community
$DEFROGS is an art and meme coin with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return. There is no formal team or real roadmap. the coin is completely useless and for entertainment purposes only.